Very sad news about Dave Muesing (MrFiberglass)

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I'm floored. That's terrible news--what a loss to our small rocket community. My prayers are with his family.
OMGosh that's hurrendous! My prayers are with his family.
I thought "that's Dave Muesing, not John", but a whois on Mr shows John Muesing.

My second order, I received an email back asking what I was up to. I bought a bunch of tints to play with and replied with a couple of on-going projects.

Thoughts go out to everyone involved.

Holy cow.
I had met Dave a few times at various launches over the years and he seemed like a nice guy who was always willing to offer help/advice.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
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O.K. We all want to help[. However, If I understand things correctly--the estate of Dave owes some government agency $10,000.00 for a phony Hazmat clean-up. So my question is this: If I give the estate of Dave $20.00--who will actually get it. Will some government agency get the money. For some reason, I thought that Dave lived alone. Let's cut to the chase--who will get the money? I have no intention of making a donation that will go to some government agency so they can go to Dave's house and remove a few jugs of resin.
As stated on the Mr Fiberglass website, Dave was not wealty and left very limited funds in his accounts. All donations will be used to settle his estate. If there are further questions or concerns, contack Jim Moore .