very pleasant surprise at MyAtomic

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Jan 17, 2009
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(I don't recall seeing this vendor mentioned before, here on TRF, so...)

I would like everyone to know about another model rocketry vendor, MyAtomic ( ). My experience with them so far is very limited, but I have been VERY impressed.

I talked to Graham today about the purchase of three NCs, and he volunteered some very helpful information (at his expense) that changed my order into four NCs and no shipping charges. He was friendly, patient, and encouraging, and I really like working with people like that.

If you are shopping for kits or other rocketry materials, you would do well to check 'em out.

(Standard disclaimer: No, I don't know these guys personally, they are not my relatives, I don't have any stock in their corporation, I get nothing back from them for posting these "gold stars"----I just liked 'em.)