Vertical Rage 31,713 ft Mach 2.6

Aug 17, 2020
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Wellington, Co
April 1st and 2nd Were incredible days at the Northern Colorado Rocketry Launch at the North site Pawnee grasslands. Beautiful weather, clear skies. Little to no wind. 35k waiver open to fly.

Flew my new rocket called Vertical Rage on its maiden flight. It's a minimum diameter 75mm rocket with HED. Flying on an Aerotech M1850. Flights stats are as follows. Flew with 2 altimeters. Featherweight Raven 4 and a missileworks RRc2. The Raven primary. Rrc2 back up. Featherweight GPS tracker and data. fiberglass body tube, av bay, nose cone. Custom made aluminum minimum diameter retainer. Kevlar harnesses. Spherachutes 72 inch main and 6 inch drouge ultralight light chutes. Aerotech 75/7680 hardware and M1850 motor. Aerotech tail cone closure. Binder Design Rocketry Max Q fin can. Sky Dancer Rocketry printed Av bay sled.

Landed just inside the waiver cylinder at 5 miles away but the featherweight tracker had constant signal and brought me right to it after driving 4.5 miles and walking the last 1/2 mile. Jet stream was -45 degrees and blowing 70 to 80 mph.

Lost a fair amount of altitude at the lift off due to the fly away rail guilds causing a collision with the fins making the rocket pitch off angle thus also recovery further.

Working on the next model. Will drop around 2lbs. And 6 inches Length. Carbon fiber fins directly to a new lighter body tube. 6 inches shorter. So not using the Max Q fin can. Should be MUCH Warmer weather less Jet stream and will fly out of a tower. But this flight was a good start to get some data. Work on being Recovered 100% clean inside the waiver with zero damage. There were some spots of melted paint/clear coat. But nothing big deal.

Thank you to George IV Barnes James Russell Art Hoag and John Wilke for all the help and assistance. From bouncing ideas, recovery help and pad help. As well as George's great photos and video.

Thanks to Mike Fisher Binder Design Rocketry, Gary C Rosenfield Aerotech, Adrian Adamson Featherweight, Addative Aerospace. Missleworks, Wildman, Terry Dancer Sky Dancer rocketry. Julie at Spherachutes for the great products to make the flight.

Here is to much more fun flights like this and bigger. I do have some other really cool projects that will fly this year in the 30 to 35k range of altitude, some bigger some smaller. Pics below with a video. Pics and video courtesy of George Barnes IV


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