Verifying Aero Pack 98>75 Compatibility w/Loki 76

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Jan 18, 2016
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St. Louis, MO
I'm starting the long process of speccing, planning, pricing, designing, calculating, dreaming of my larger L3 rocket. I'm planning around a 98 mm motor mount, but I want to use my Loki 76 mm motor to cert. I searched the forums and Google for compatibility of the Loki 76 mm cases with the Aero Pack 98>75 adapters.

I found this post:

So it looks like the 76 mm case will fit in the 75 mm adapter. Can anyone directly confirm this?

I should start my L3 build thread since it will have a bazillion questions in it. I'm planning on testing out different construction methods in smaller scale to test before scaling up for the larger airframe. But the build will take months as I test and learn.
Years ago Jeff Taylor (he founded Loki Research) wrote a brief bit about this. He essentially referred to something called "rocket math" and in the end stated that there is no functional difference in size betwixt his 76mm and everyone else's 75mm. And for the record, I've flown several Loki 76mm motors in 4" MMT with the Aeropack 98-75 adapter system.

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