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Jan 19, 2004
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Oh My Gawd ...... my son customised his VP to hold a E9 .... we launched it today .... one VP clean outha sight !!! It actually made a perfect liftoff, recovery deployment, and recovery. (And I thought my D powered VP was cool !!!) Now this is the way Estes should have made it !!!
Very cool!

But can we clarify something?
Did you launch that bad-boy from your back yard? :eek:
Yep, from our backyard .... nothing but farmers fields all around ... a few patchy tree areas but mostly just field .... wonderfull place to launch from !
Ok, you just upped the ante!
I was gonna do mine as a "D", but forget it now!
i have a VP too, i love it but it could use some more power. i built it stock a few years ago, and now i'd love to get an 18mm RMS cassing and some re-loads for it... i have a few other rkts that cassing would be good for to!
I've only ever really had one prob whith my VP, when i was launching it on a slightly windy day i had the rod angeled a little into the wind (not much, tho) but it was damp and i think that caused the lugs to stick a little on the rod... it didn't make it but 100' off the pad and then came in balistic. there was this kid running after it and i yelled 'dont', just as he was about to get within a few feet of it... he stoped and jumped back (i'm glad some1 listens to me!) and the ejection charge went off right as it smashed into the ground... it was very spectacular, but it crimped the BT. that was all tho, and i just cut out that section and re-glued it... should be good to go again!
Yeah ... If I had mine to do over I would make it for E engines .... oh well .... still pretty awesome on D12's .... but man-oh-man does my sons VP kick butt on E's !!!
I converted mine to fly on D's and E's, but haven't had a chance to fly it yet - don't have any D's or E' What delay was used on the E flight?

Other than changing the motor mount, did your son do anything special to beef it up, like epoxy instead of white glue?

Also, how high do you think it went on E's, and how high do you think yours went on D's? I launch from a small field and have a Venus Probe sitting in my "To-Build" box.
With mine, since it's still only going on BP motors, I built it like normal. All I did to mod it was to replace the 18mm tube with a 24mm tube, use an E length hook, and widen the CR's to hold the tube. The CRs in this kit are the green paper rings, so I just peeled them out from the inside until the 24mm tube fit snugly in there, then coated them with glue. Seems very strong, and should hold up to D's and E's with no problem.

Gus, nothing special .... just Weldbond White Glue.

I would guess 800 feet on D's

At least 1000 on E's

I have no really good way to tell how high except for guessing .... I do know that on E's .... the VP is just a tiny spec waaaaaayyyyy up there ! Maybe someone could RocSim it for us ......