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Jan 4, 2009
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Here's another recommendation I could use.

Bought a Tom-Tom, for suposedly 50% from Circuit City before they closed. My wife and I aren't impressed, because we've experienced other goods ones.

Does anyone have a good Garmin recommendation? We'd like traffic and XM/Sirius? Again, only Garmin models. No Magellan or Tom-Toms.
We have 3 Garmin NuVi's

A 200W, a 230, and a 7something.

They are nice units, powerful and mostly accurate. They have been fooled, but not very often. They can only load 2 destinations at once. The data base is very complete. The 700 series has traffic updates, but you have to ask for them. Sometimes the search mode is not as user friendly as it could be.

Overall I am very satisfied with the value. I have used them on both coasts with no problem. The time to destination is VERY accurate as long as traffic is normal.
Yup Garmin's are good, and I don't just say that because my brother works on their aircraft side. Stick with the Nuvi line, I hear the street pilots aren't as good. Can't give you more than that ours doesn't have satellite or trafic.

This be great in rockets right up till you couldn't find it or a cato.
I can't tell you the model of Garmin it was (it's a company-owned loaner), but for a trip to St Louis in January, I used one of their less expensive models, and was VERY impressed.

For example, from one of the games, the coach wanted Starbucks -- told it to find the nearest one, and we were there very quickly. I used it to direct us to the Gateway Arch and back, and several other similar trips.

Worked like a charm, and very easy to use.

You came to St. Louis in January and didn't look me up? I always make it a point to make myself available for those that come through.
You came to St. Louis in January and didn't look me up? I always make it a point to make myself available for those that come through.

(I knew I was gonna be in trouble when you found that out...)

No time; we got in at some ungodly hour on Friday and had to be at the soccer complex at 7AM Saturday. Back to the hotel at some ungodly hour Saturday night, and back to soccer at 8AM on Sunday.

I had several St Louis rocketry folks I thought about looking up, if time permitted.

But I did take over 1,000 photos....

And I couldn't meet you at the soccer field? That's it - I'm banning you from the area.
Just looking at the Garmin's, trying to figure out why they discontinued the ones that had BOTH a gps and a satellite radio.
garman sells a unit I am unsure of the name will have to research some more for you but it it a inboard radio with flit up nav/dvd screen, has hd radio, and xm/sirus. the only downfall imop is the same as the bose version in my truck in that you have to have a nave cd in at all times and the traffic updates are only in certian areas. my state is to cheap to have it though it has been begged for.
I have a Garmin Nuvi 750 that I bought 1-1/2 yrs ago from HSN. I have been very happy with it. I received a free '09 map upgrade so I'm set for another year of road construction. Mine will do everything already mentioned. The model above mine, the 760 is Bluetooth compatible, but I'd never use it as I despise cell phones. I also like that the screen is larger than most GPS units I've seen. I would not hesitate buying another Nuvi (any model #).