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Oct 3, 2014
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When I travel, I usually just take along an iPad, and was wondering if anyone has come across a good vector graphics app for a tablet. I typically use Inkscape or GIMP on the home computer for making water slide decals and cardstock templates, and was looking for something I could use on the iPad when traveling. Anyone tried InkPad? One important feature is scaling the image to the actual printed size, so a one inch square in the image prints as one inch.

Even better would be if it can write svg files that I can continue to edit with Inkscape on the desktop computer.
I haven't gotten around to making vectors on the ipad, but has a round up of different options.
Too bad that InkPad seems to have been removed from the store, it looked promising.


The original open source free version is no longer available, but it is now under new management, for a small fee
Inkpad - Vector Graphic Design by Envoza
I might give it a try, not sure how well it will work with finger tip control, but I might try with a stylus.
Imported image from a JimZ decal scan, with a reproduced portion in Inkpad.

Just getting started with it, and am finding some things are not as easy as in Inkscape on a desktop computer. Editing a shape to be a certain size, for example. It might have a use for filling in details with an existing template. My next project will have to wait until I get back to my home computer, but I can do some initial work on the tablet. We will see how easy it will be to export into Inkscape and if I can retain the editable vector graphics objects.

They offer iDesign and XDesign apps for iOS and macOS so you can work both at home and on the go, but as long as you can export to svg I think InkScape should be able to work with it also. I might give that one a try, the iPad version user guide seems to suggest that you can make objects a certain size with touch controls that don’t put your finger in the way. A little more $ but might be worth it.

This one was recommended on that appadvice link, thanks for the tip!
I was able to make some really rudimentary graphics with InkPad on the iPad while on the plane, kind of frustrating with how you can't do accurate things with finger touch controls. But, I was able to export to SVG format which gets imported into InkScape on my desktop computer, so I can use some of what I started to finish reworking the decal artwork. Still a work in progress.

Imported decal sheet with some of the redrawn artwork in InkScape.
Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 1.48.17 PM.png
Working in InkScape on the desktop computer is much better than InkPad on the iPad. Still working out a template, testing on some scrap blue cardstock paper the first set of 13mm body tubes...need a total of six of each of these, with an experimental nose cone.