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Jan 21, 2009
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I have my Vaughn Bros.Javelin in the primer stage
I basically built it per directions ,except I built the fin"can" outside the BT and ran the slots thru the end of the BT
west system epoxy on all the joints
the G10 fins are really nice to work with ,they are 1/8 thk so I just rounded the edges a little
I used west System on the fillets mixed with #403 microfibers to thicken the mix,,I was lucky enough to get them pretty smooth so sanding wasn't too bad

I have a removeable micro timer and cartridge built up for some H motor flights I have planned
first I will put it up on some G motors using standard recovery

I'm planning on using a streamer in place of a drogue chute for the bigger motors
rail button are installed and t-nut retention is installed

I have one coat of kills on it so far and the spirals are nearly gone
good stuff!

the only snag so far was the nosecone
it was the worst cone I have ever seen,it had a bunch of pockmarks in it and was a little deformed at the base,,it sorta "pooched out" but had a deformed kinda groove right below that,,and took alot of filling and sanding ,,It came out pretty good but took alot of work
I've been trying out different graphics
I'm leaning tword the red checkerd design ,with red white and blue overall since the first flight will be right after 4th of july

heres a shot of 2 different fin examples
the graphics will be tweaked than transfered to Bel white back Decal stock
The VB Javelin was my choice for L1. Great rocket, and it flies great on a G64.

a combo of both fin patterns opposing one-another looks pretty good to me, otherwise I like the wave design best.

Nice job stymye! would love to see it fly on the 10th, I'll bring my Javelin as well.
Can someone supply me with a rsim for this bird? I want to clone one (maybe a bit bigger or smaller, though)... I wish VB was still in production... I would buy one of the real things... I was about to buy one, then I bought something else... I have been kicking myself ever since:eek: :rolleyes: :(
Originally posted by Neil
Can someone supply me with a rsim for this bird?

soitenly. VB made a javelin 4.0, a 4x upscale of the javelin.

I have the 1x one, and it it great. G10 fins, otherwise your normal 3FNC workhorse. I will probably bring mine to LDRS (drag race, anyone?)

Btw, I don't know who made this...I might have, but I'm not sure. It has TTWTTMM fins, which arent in the rocksim. Too lazy to add it.