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Jan 21, 2009
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I finally got around to finishing my Vaughn Bro's Javelin
I was happy with the quality of the kit and It went together easy , the only change was to construct it zipperless
the body tube is heavy duty and the fins are TTW G-10
very sturdy, I used Krylon Burgandy, gloss white and silver pin stripe, the decal is inkjet, no decals are supplied with the kit
It will go up first on a G80, than typically H motors, single recovery right now but I will be adding a timer for the bigger motors, I want to fly some redlines for sure.

a pic with the proud owner
Nice paint job!!! What's the mmt size??? You might want to send that really flying on an I!!! Should be real cool with a big flame coming out the back!!!
Very nice job. I just used Krylon Bergundy on my Phoenix-turned-Gamerock on it's latest (and final) USC-style paint job, and I really like the way it turned out. Looks like you had the same results--it looks great. Oh, and I second Ryan about the shirt. I bet it'll fly like a Free Bird! Man, I'm corny.
thanks ,yea the shirt ,I got at their very first reunion concert in Nashville, still one of the best shows I have ever seen!
the shirt has shrunk a little(and I've grown a little) since than.heh

I kept it 29mm so I can use my dr rocket 180/240 set in it,and I need to break them in.
you did a super job on the paint
looks like that rocket needs a Redline
Andy, great work! The paint and overall design of the rocket make it look "fast" just sitting there! I can see you are proud of the rocket - you took it *outside* for a picture! Nice. Good luck with the flights.
that's looking real good!
i gotta get some of those smaller cases... i don't think i have anything that takes an H-Class reload...