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Mar 14, 2004
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This is a mini-review. Full review will go to EMRR.

I picked up the VB Extreme 29 from Countdown on my visit to meet the new owners. They had nearly all the VB kits in stock. This was my second choice after the Ballistic or Bust, which they didn't have.

Pluses: Heavy duty balsa nose cone; very heavy tubes; precut glass fins; included wiring harness for Adept25 altimeter; shock cord mount halfway up the body, on a tube coupler (should keep it out of the ejection gasses).

Minuses: sparse instructions; no fore or aft motor retention; no pressure equalization holes (they drilled three holes in payload section and nose for screws for nose retention, would it have killed them to drill a couple more?)

If I use the heavy appliance epoxy finish, it'll come out right about 8 ounces without motor. That appears to be the optimum weight according to the sims. It won't break either mach or a mile on a G80, but it'll come close to both. Pictures when the air dries enough to paint.
no fore or aft motor retention; no pressure equalization holes

Dyna, it simply allows the builder to determine type of motor retention and if they want to use electronics or not , wouldn't be fair to knock points off for those reasons.

If I remember the directions should include a line drawing showing locations of the fins, rings and nosecone, keep in mind it's a high performance kit designed for somewhat experienced builders, who like to build to their own quirks and specs.

I'm sure you will enjoy the kit, good stuff.
Originally posted by stymye

I'm sure you will enjoy the kit, good stuff.

I managed to pick up some old FSI F100 booster motors and F7 sustainers. I'm going to build a booster section for it and see what it can do. Love those direct staged BP motors.
Geez Lousie.

I've been simming this thing with a G80. With an ounce of additional weight to make it optimum, it sims to 4100' on a G80-10 When I get some G80-10s, I'm going to arrange an altitude record attempt with the club here. The present G altitude record is 3740', 360' less than the -10 sim.

It sims to 4500' on a G80-13, and I have some, but they're out of certification.

I may just buy another and build it without the lug for tower launching. Giving it a very modest CD reduction of .05 for no lug, it gains 300'.
Here it is with a bit of an addition.

I picked up several old Flight Systems BP motors, including two F100 boosters. I decided to direct-stage them on the X29, so I built a booster section to fit it.
Originally posted by n3tjm
Remember, with FSI motors, epecially how old they are, you have a very good chance of them going BOOM!!!. I blew up my first Initiator with a FSI E60. Just a warning ;).

Well, I know the guy I got these from and I know he's been vary careful in storing them. And since they're out of cert and I have to fly them on my own, I won't be endangering a crowd full of onlookers. If they blow, I build a new one.

In fact, I may clone it myself with improvements, like not having a two piece main body tube. I just wish I could find a source for these extra heavy body tubes.