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Sold Various Recovery Items, Chutes, Harness, ect.


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Feb 5, 2009
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Listing for sale various recovery items I no longer need or will probably not use. All are new unless noted.

Payment via PayPal, Friends and Family preferred. If you are uncomfortable with that, I can send an invoice.

Lot of Estes plastic chutes in sizes from 12" to 24", one 16" FlisKits plastic chute and one Top Flight Recovery 24" cloth chute. $25.00 for all, Shipped.

LOC Precision 36" nylon chute with 15' Nylon shock cord with sewn loops and quick link. $20.00 Shipped. - SOLD

LOC Precision 36" nylon chute. $15.00 Shipped - SOLD

Estes (I think from PSII Red Max Kit) 30" Nylon chute. $10. Shipped. - SOLD

PML 30" nylon chute. $10. Shipped. - SOLD

One Bad Hawk 7/16" Tubular Kevlar harness 5,300LB, 25 foot length with 3 sewn loops. Good for 4" - 6" rockets. $40 Shipped

Madcow 60" Shock Cord Protector. $18 Shipped. - SOLD

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