Valentines day...

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Jan 17, 2009
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Jen (my daughter) came across the **ultimate** nerds valentines day card...

I thought I would fall off my chair. Many here will "get it"... ...many will not...

such is life... :D

Typical valentines day card with pretty hearts and lace with the following poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
All my base
are belong to you

:D :D :D :D

oh man
(chuckling...{Gee Beaver, I am a nerd!})

I never experienced the "all my base" phenomenon the first time around...
I used to make 3D video games as a hobby. I put an Uncle Sam poster on a wall in one but changed the lettering from "Uncle Sam wants you" to "All your bases are US". If the player shot Uncle Sam he would stick out his tongue and blow a rasberry. I thought it was appropriate since it was an anti-Osama game. I'm glad to here the bases phenomenon is still around.
OK so if I don't get it...does that make me a non-nerd? :D
Somebody set us up the bomb!!

As a service for the Nerd challenged:

Here is the 'All your base' clip

And a copy of the Valentine I saw...

A Foxtrot cartoon:

And my personal favorite: The School Disciplinary Form:

Make your time!!

Try this for an explanation. I was clueless before. Now I'm a tad concerned...
I'd first heard the phrase in the Futurama episode "Tales Of Interest" wherein Fry wishes to know what the world would be like if it were like a video game. That Flash movie is a hoot... but not as funny as the actual game intro!