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You can convert an Estes Canadian arrow to a V-2 by just shortening the body tube.It is the same kit except for the body tube length.You might be able to pick 1 up on this forum, try a post in wanted.My avitar photo is the semroc x-kit V-2[little 1]and the estes Canadian Arrow conversion[big one}Both great are kits!!!!Good luck, John
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I have built several Semroc kits, they are of excellent quality. I have built the LOC V-2 Kit. It is in the shop for repairs a causualty of the learning curve. Loc offers several sizes of the V-2.
I have built and flown the AeroSpace Specialty Products (ASP) 24mm V2. Great kit and flies beautifully on C6-3s with an adaptor.
The Semroc kit is a new version of the Estes kit originally issued in 1965, one of the first scale kits I built when I was 10-11 years old in 1969-70 or thereabouts.

It came out very nicely. It's not hard to build the stock model and give it one of the White Sands black/white paint jobs, and have it come out pretty good. I wasn't exactly a Michelangelo with glue, x-acto knives and hobby paint in those days, but it still came out OK.

(And that was even back in the olden days when we had to CUT OUR OWN FINS, you young whipper-snappers!!!!! And the V-2 fins were a little tougher than most conventional fins, due to the curved root edge.)

Now, it's not a "fine scale" model, but if you want to invest more time into sanding, painting and detailing, you could make it one.

Between the Semroc kit, the ASP kits, and LOC's big-boy V-2 models, you should be able to find a version for any size of motor from 13mm up to the HPR monsters.
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Semroc has a V2 xKit Click here

JUst finished building Semroc's xKit and enjoyed it, great little model. If you have a hankering for something larger, Mountainside Hobbies used to offer a decent 4" , 1/16th scale. But if you want something a little less expensive try the free paper kit from Currell.net https://www.currell.net/models/v2.htm

It is an easy conversion to make it fly on 18mm motors.
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I picked up a LOC 5.5" V2 and love it. Every aspect of the kit is awesome. From the materials to construction, to the flight, all are spot on. I built mine with an Aero Pack retainer for a 38mm motor. Flights on a H242 are reasonable for a smaller HPR field. As a matter of fact, you can build the rocket in a day if you want a solid flier that looks good.
I've seen Bravo52's LOC V2 in person, and it really is a fine looking kit when assembled.

The Semroc kit takes a little patience and is a much smaller scale, but it's a decent kit.

V2 side 1.jpg
I bought the Semroc V-2 kit at NARAM last year and built it overnight and flew it the next day. It flew great, and the motor I flew it on it still stuck in the motor tube.

I've also got the 24 mm ASP version, which I've built (I think) but have never flown.