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Cute. A poster of a Weapon of Mass destruction. Except it killed more of the slaves that built it than the enemy.

The only reason this patent did not wind up as evidence at Nuremburg is that we spirited von Braun and his pals via Operation Paperclip

to the Redstone arsenal to start our space program. Well, actually, I like the V2, the first real rocket!
Well, I'd look beyond that, on more than one level. Case in point - the same seller also has a cool patent art poster of one of Goddard's rocket motors. Vintage patent art is its own sort of cool, part tech, part olde timey, part aesthetic graphic design. So, I dig this.
What really constitutes an "original" with something like this? The original patent art would've been drawings on legal size paper, filed with the patent documentation. There wouldn't likely be multiple copies of it. I think its safe to assume, considering the subject here, that these are simply prints of what someone considered patent art - especially since they're poster sized. If you look at the other posters that this seller offers, a lot of them look like they could be reprints of the original filed patent art, but others appear to simply be of a similar style. Of course, any patent art old enough becomes public domain and can be reprinted; patents by definition have a shelf life. Most of the posters show items that are sufficiently old enough to qualify...