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Sep 7, 2004
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how does the quality of the estes 4" v-2 stand up to the quality of lets say the puplicmissiles v-2
the estes v2 is much better because it is less expensive and costs less to fly on much smaller motors. is that what you meant by quality?
I just picked up the Estes V-2 (#1904). For a skill level 4 it looks pretty simple actually. It looks easier than the Honest John did.

Will keep you posted if not.
I don't recall that PML has a V2 but I get the gest of your question.
Any mid to high power kit will be built much stronger than the Estes V2.
Example, the Estes V2 has vacume formed fins that are quite flimsy. HPR manufacturers will have G10 or plywood fins.
You get what you pay for.
The Estes V2 and the Honest John are 2 peas in a pod. Both are in need of major reinforcement in order to fly on anything bigger than an Estes "E". Motor mounts need to be replaced to 29mm. fins need bassword reinforcement or as I did just replaced them with basswood and made them TTW. The boat tails need to be foamed,etc. I'm not saying there lousy kits but to go through all the trouble to build paint and make them look great only to have them barely bust 100' on a "D" is a shame. My Honest John was reworked and its scorches off the pad on a G35.
My new V2 has balsa fins and not the plastic, along with the Honest John also has the balsa fins.
Are you sure there Estes?? The old V2 Had Balsa fins. The new and "Improved" E Powered has vacu form fins. The#2166 Maxi Honest John (BT80) never had balsa fins they are also vacu form, the smaller Honest John (BT50 I think) had balsa fins. Unless the collectors Edition in the special box of the Maxi Honest John may have had Balsa fins but I doubt it. I think the old v2 was stock #1922 with the balsa fins this is the older version of the Estes V2
you may have confused public missiles with public enemy

my completely stock HJ and v2 have the plastic fins and have flights on D, E and F motors.Many have been built and fly that way

these skill level 4 kits requires a little more finess than just shoving in big mounts, or epoxieng wooden fins on, foaming the can ect ....

I you want something relativly easy to build that flys on G's than buy a public enemy or loc.
The HJ may have been a special edition, but the V2 I just got in from Model Empire and it has balsa fins.
#1904 is the bt-80 V2 with the balsa fins and an excellent kit! Uncle Mike is referring to the bt-101 Maxi V2.
Originally posted by stymye
#1904 is the bt-80 V2 with the balsa fins and an excellent kit! Uncle Mike is referring to the bt-101 Maxi V2.

Yes You have the older V2 if you have Balsa fins (BT80) The New "E" powered has those vacuform ones
Originally posted by UncMikesRktShk
P.S I dont remember PML making a V2? Can anybody confirm this.
yah your the second person that said this i meant to say public enemy. also you all seem to be saying that the publicmissiles or loc or any other mpr or hpr v-2 would be better quality (and by quality i mean durability and performance) am i right?
The LOC/Precision V2 looks awesome , Id say go with that . Yeh you got it right , these sorts of kits are of higher quality as they are designed to take alot more stess & bigger motors than smaller kits you may have built. Resulting in the overall model needing stronger fins/bodytube ect. They will give a bigger preformance , because of the bigger motor needed to lift the heavier/beffier parts = more altitude.
so would you say public enemy or loc makes the better V-2 and how does polecataerospace rate?
I've never actually used Polecat or Public Enemy but im sure they rate very high. I'd say start off with converting 2 Big Daddy kits to a V2 then move onto the LOC/Precision V2. You'll be suprised how big the converted model is. But when you see the LOC version....Woahh , thats a different story!
Polecat kits are absolutely top notch.
Most, if not all, come with fibreglassed body tubes.
just click on the link I provided it shows the details and price.
Again I have to say. The Estes Maxi (4") V-2 is a quality sturdy kit and it WILL fly on an E9.

The problem comes for "overthinking" your build process.

Epoxy, foam fillers plywood all have thier place but not on the Estes V-2.

My original still flys great on D12's and it's over 30 years old.

I stuck to the plans and used Testor's liquid cement for the plastic parts and used automotive contour putty for the fillet.
Just an FYI,

Estes is about to release scale models of a whole bunch of X-Prize contenders, and one of them is the Canadian Arrow. This is basically a stretched V-2, and the scale model is to be a 2.6" diameter version the same size basically as the old Estes BT-80 based V-2. All you'd need to do is shorten the body tube a bit to make a V-2.

This ought to be awesome on E and F Aerotech 24mm motors, even more so if you want to modify it for a 29mm MMT. And just $17! (mail order price.)

Let's see, I need one to build stock, one to build as a V-2, another to kitbash into an A-4B, another into an A-9....
lol sounds good and guess thats probably closer to my price range.

vjp that vostok is awesome. i love it. how much did it cost?
cool i really like t he vostok
****************************************************yay! this is my one hundredth post and ive only been a member since the middle of the month. yay!
I built my Estes V2 stock (even after reading all the threads about beefing up the fins) and sandman is right, this kit is fine built stock. I have flown mine on E18-4W reloads and F21 Econojets and it holds up fine.

As far as Estes E9 engine, my experience has shown it is not enough for mine but thats probably due to variances in construction. Mine weathercocks severely on an E9 in the slightest wind.