V-2 Rebuilt.


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Jul 25, 2009
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Well I got around to almost finishing up my V-2, after a lawn dart, well really
a roof dart. The rocket remained amazingly intact BT damage which was cut
out, then a tube coupler and a replacement length of BT. In the process I
stretched the BT by 2 inches to gain a little on stability.

My roof dart was on an F next launch will be on a G.

Now, while I was reworking the rocket my kids begged me not to repaint the
nose cone and leave it as repaired they thought it looked cooler that way.

My thinking it will be the Rat Rod of rocketry maybe I should have left the BT
in Primer. Might have to change the paint scheme, and whip up some custom
Rat Rod decals or maybe put some racing stripes on it... :D

V-2 Roof Dart.JPG