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Jan 18, 2009
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I started on this build a couple of weeks ago. It is a straight forward build but does take some time because of filling the seams. I sprayed on coat of gray primer and one coat of flat white. I will finish next week once the rain stops. I coated all the wood with 3 coats of balsa sealer. I am going with white as the overall color and not the light gray.



good god man its beautiful now lets see the build photos. as for the filling the seams how did you do that. as i can never get it right.
i've had one of these kits sitting in my build pile for years now - must get around to building it.
For some reason i can't see any of the photos you have posted??
I can see them, make sure your firewall isn't blocking Photobucket.
Does your Enterprise have one or two pod retaining hooks?
Mine only came with one and it proved to be a desaster on her first flight:(
About midway through the motor burn the pod crimped just at the single hook connection point sending the model into a very kewl, but erratic spiral flight path then sort of floating horizontally toward the ground until the ejection charge burned thur the crimped pod damaging the model giving it a "Return of Kahn" sort of look:(
Still have her hanging in the basement as a reminder to ask folks who build this model to be sure to look for 2-point pod retention;)

Hope this helps with yours

Starship Enterprise-a-sm_ NCC-1708 Front top(Estes)_78.JPG

Starship Enterprise-b-sm_NCC-1708 Top_78.JPG

Starship Enterprise-c-sm_NCC-1708 Starboard side_78.JPG

Starship Enterprise-e1-sm_NCC-1708 4pic Damage pg_78.JPG
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Thats a shame, looks like it met the doomsday machine!


Beautiful job on the big E! you did a very nice fill job on the seams.
Beautiful job Scigs! :D I have 2 of those kits in my 'Kit Room' along with another Klingon cruiser..Another 'one of these days' project!..LMBO!:rolleyes:
I had a bunch of pictures during the build process, but they were erased off my camera before I could download them. The seams were not that bad. For the fuselage: After I glued it together I applied masking tape to both sides of the seam exposing just the seam. I then applied plastic model putty and let this dry overnight. Next day I dry sanded the seam. I then hit the seam with gray primer and sanded until there was no more seam. As far as the pod and plywood braces: I just used slow drying CA, you know the real thick stuff. I was able to apply this and wipe it away before it dried. This made for a nice fillet. The Saucer? There is an over hang of the top portion. That did not look right to me so I sanded most of that off then applied a lot of plastic model putty to even out the top from the bottom. At first before I sanded and applied the putty it looked like this IIII Top side view,
III Bottom
So you could clearly see the over hang from the top. After the putty I hit that with gray primer and sanded smooth.
Micro: I have one retainer, hope that works.
I have all the painting done except for some Copper paint on the sharp dowel up front. I used Testors spray can paint for most of the colors. I will put the decals on when I get back on Tuesday and the small pieces you see get glued over some of the decals.



A very nice build, brings back memories of my Enterprise from the 80's. Well on to eBay to start bidding on an Enterprise.
Well it is still raining so today I applied the decals to the Enterprise. The decals went on nice and easy, just had to be careful with lining things up. All and all this is a great kit. Estes did a nice job designing this rocket. I am not a big Star Trek fan so I apologize if the details are wrong on the model......I went off the box and directions. I am glad I went with the white, I think it looks the part. My Klingon Ship will be a light Testors Gray. The pod and rocket together weigh in at 3.9 oz. That is without the pod being painted. I may forgo painting the pod since the weight is were it should be and the balance point is right on. I can't wait to take here out flying. Now on to finishing the Klingon Ship.



More then awesome! THAT, is museum display grade workmanship!:D


One MINOR detail..The bottom of the saucer section, shouldn't those 'bumps' be like the 'clearance' markers on top(red and green)?
More then awesome! THAT, is museum display grade workmanship!:D


One MINOR detail..The bottom of the saucer section, shouldn't those 'bumps' be like the 'clearance' markers on top(red and green)?
I almost painted them like the top, then I read the directions and it said to leave white.