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Sep 7, 2004
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i just built us rockets's weight lofter and i love it. it is one of the more unique models that they have and you can lunch it on up to 7 motors (6-24mm and 1-29mm or 7-24 with included adapter). it looks awesome and hopefully i'll be able to launch it tomorrow. all post a flight report when i do.

I look forward to your flight report. Whatcha got planned for motor(s) that you are going to use in it? I launched my Weightlofter for the first time last weekend on a F52-8T. Awesome flight. Within the next month I'm planning on filling the outboards with 6 D11-Ps + a central E9-8. Total impulse is nearly a full G :cool: (I previously miscalculated total ISP.)

I also flew mine with only primer on it. I plan on spending this long holiday weekend finishing the paint work...