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Jan 7, 2004
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A couple months ago I found this product in the hardware store and bought it just because it said it was lightweight filler. I tried spackle products before and had several problems. Typically spackling compunds are flaky and don't bond well especially to plastics.
This stuff has none of those problems. No shrinking, bonds well, carves when dry, sands very well. It's porus enough to saok up CA, and sanding filler which adds strength. Pure white color, soft and smooth texture, very spreadable unlike plastic wood fillers. It truely is featherweight filler. a 240 ml container (1 cup) weights about 100g (3.5 oz.) and most of that is probably the plastic tub.

Unlike the plastic wood type fillers it probably is not very flexable and may chip out if stressed too much so may not be suitable for tube line filling but I'm going to try it.

I've used it on two models and plan to use more in creative ways.

It is SHUR Stik Featherweight Spackling Indoor/outdoor. Water clean-up. GH International Inc. 2540 Rena Rd. Mississauga, ON, Canada L4T 3C9 A polyphalt company Toll free 1 800 387-6925
I picked it up at the Canadian hardware chain Early's do-it-center.