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Sold USED - CTI 75mm 6 Grain Full Hardware Set Gen 1

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Jan 21, 2009
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Franklin, WI

CTI 75mm 6 Grain Full Hardware Set Gen 1, used but not abused. Label worn off the case, sale includes case, nozzle carrier, (2) gen 1 retaining rings, and an M-3700 spacer. Can deliver TWA/WOOSH/Bong, can also deliver to Mini Midwest Power in May. Shipping can be considered after these events conclude, hoping to sell locally first. Cash and carry is ideal, I can also accept PayPal Friends/family in advance. The person(s) who get priority here is an interested party that also follows through with prompt payment.

Asking $370.00 - $350.00 for the full hardware set.

If interested please start a conversation or reach out via email, hprjf AT aol DOT com

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Dang that’s an awesome price - I’d be all over this if I didn’t have one already.

Remember everyone, you can use these with AeroTech reloads even if the CTI stuff is currently hard to come by. (Which is how I’ve been using mine recently)