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Jan 26, 2009
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Help! My Bomarc is nearing completion and I need to find the font used for the "USAF" and "U.S. AIR FORCE" insignias. I know I've seen a thread on this somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Steve ,
I sent a file to your website email,
got any pics of the Bomarc?
I haven't seen the Bomarc that Steve is working on - thinking this is one of the rockets he might be taking to LDRS, but I've seen many photos of his projects, and an out of sight Saturn 1B project webpage, but my guess is that this will be a very special rocket, and one that many will be videotaping.

Glad to hear your nearing completion Steve, maybe I can see her someday. 8)

Cheers my friend,
Right Scott, I have been burning the midnight oil on this one. I did manage to sneak a couple of pics last night. Thanks for the help with the font Shrox and Stymye. Ok, somemore questions. Looking for a good "Boeing" that will enlarge. This will be for temporary decals for a gray version of the Bomarc. It will get repainted for a black version after LDRS. Also, need something to simulate polished metal/Aluminum for under the wings, the tail, and the back halves of the ram-jets. I thought about trim Monocote but the sheets are not large enough. So, I have been thinking about gluing on aluminum foil. Anyother suggestions?

Thanks again,

I would like to thank everyone for the assistance on this project. It didn’t turn out too bad for temporary decals and paint scheme. Now I can concentrate on refinishing it in the black paint scheme and permanent decals. (Although I have some backlogged work around the house to catch up on first). Here is a picture of it on the pad.


Simply Fabulous !!

Did you get an estimate of final altitude ? Did she come back safely ?

Can't wait to hear your adventures first hand my friend, 8)

Very Nice!
I didn't realize the scale of that thing until I noticed the lunchbox under it!:eek:
Silverleaf, the Bomarc flew arrow straight to an altitude around 1,200 feet I would guess. Recovery was perfect as well. Maybe we can talk this weekend.