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chris m

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May 24, 2013
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Hello I am doing a US rockets Stiletto .
i will be weighing out the parts and changing what will be changed and then do a open rocket sim
Its a 66mm host 6.33 foot tall and 4 inch diameter it comes with a29 mm mount and a 4x24mm mount .
this will be mostly a stock build but will go 54mm , think the 66mm will be to hard to find now .
if you want to look up this kit its in the LSS section . its cool it go from 4 inch to 2.7 with a tube transtion from air frame and rings . also thinking t2t on the 5 fins and glass the tubes , has breaks so can do DD no problem . will have updates soon
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Here is a picture of everything laid out the 2.7 off to the side is a 66mm mount not being used1486838043780-1548712377.jpg all tubes are size of loc
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Ordered center rings and motor mount for this going 54mm and not the 66mm . Thinking if I should glass this or not . Thinking just under 1.5 lbs plus chute and harness looking for my scale so I can get weights and do a sim.
1487437127640-270782124.jpg this just the base line configuration will be a little different. Air frame from the transition will be shorter.
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OK starting on this build first picture is the template ,second is on and where I wanted it and scored so the tube is scored


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Transition is cut , sharp blade and you can do any thing . Transition is 4 inch to 2.7 inch

This is the transition tube and rings . And with it in side14890271852901458654825.jpg 1489028241428-1183095207.jpg
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Thanks hoping some time today I can get that done. On another note what is coming up next on builds is a mad cow sqaut , a deam machine 66 , sonic 160 (29mm 2 stage)
This build will speed up ,as will the colossus goblin . The CG will stay as a 54mm and the stiletto will be done with its stock 66mm so it can fly 54,38,29 ,2x29 and 4x24 . The 4x 24mm would be select motors . Some where at 3lbs not bad for just under 7 ft tall
Weight less motor and retention and paint 2.82 lbs
I65 4375 ft at .47
Cti j210 4515 at .65 thinking no fiber glass on this one
OK the question for this is ,do I glass the fins there 4 ply 3/8ths and tubes with the transition . It would most likely add about a pound or so to this build . Or just fly cardboard and wood
I'd glass, but then again I've never been afraid to build heavy... You shouldn't need it on the fins, though with only 4 ply it's not a bad idea. But those tubes look thin. It would definitely beef up that transition... I've never seen a high power transition just cut into the tube like that, so I'm very curious how this turns out.
Looks like you're putting a lot of thought into this build, Chris. I've never heard of a 66mm motor mount before.
Yes it's a kit from US rockets and the host is 66mm . Used it with the 4 adapters to fly from 54mm to 24mm and in different combos
I think it's 2.5 inch tubing, usually listed at 64mm. There are a couple motors made in that size, all hybrids.

I have Kosdon hardware and motors in the 2.5" size. Great motors and hardware; just never really caught on and became mainstream. There are a few motor manufacturers that wish 54mm hardware wasn't so's an odd size that is somewhat difficult/expensive to source.

Looking good, Chris. You shouldn't need glass on the rocket for the motors you've listed. Cardboard stands up to a lot more than people give it credit for. Glass it if you like; but it'll be fine without it.

Thank for the imput. It's a old school rocket and will not be glassed . I will be a mwp hoping to do my L3 . I will bring the masking tape and put an old motor in one of them .
Transition and tubes filled with lite bondo . Pictures in the morning.
I will have pictures later today , almost all painted just need the wet sand and shoot the clear
Yes 5 fins 4 inch rocket to transition to 2.7 with a 66 mm hole