Apr 23, 2022
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URRG will be hosting a night launch on Saturday September 10, 2022.
Rules have been posted on FB, and will be posted on the URRG website. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question.

URRG Night Launch Rules:
⇒ All daytime rules apply, except where overridden by supplemental night rules ⇒ Max altitude - 1500’

⇒ Max motor impulse - Low power through baby “H” (ex: H123)

⇒ No complex flights - Clusters low power only

⇒ No maiden flights - fly it first during the daytime

⇒ Rockets need to be actively lighted for entire flight profile

⇒ Motor thrust alone is not sufficient

⇒ Rocket should remain lit on the ground post-landing

⇒ Rocket needs to be visible from 300’ away

⇒ Lighting requirements for low power rockets:

⇒ Glow sticks are allowable as primary lighting up to “B” impulse due to low light output, but can be supplemental lighting “C” and above

⇒ Phosphorescent / glowing paint is supplemental lighting only

⇒ LEDs acceptable if securely attached

⇒ Lighting requirements for larger rockets:

⇒ Rockets heavier than 1lb require high-intensity LED or strobe to remain visible at apogee

⇒ All segments of rocket have independent lighting (i.e. nose cone, av bay, airframe, etc.)

⇒ Redundant lighting is suggested

⇒ All flashlights, lanterns and other handheld or work lighting are recommended to have a red filter to preserve night vision. Taillight repair tape works great, see the Launch Director if you need


⇒ People entering range need to

have reflective clothing and/or
carry lighting
⇒ People should use buddy system when entering range or retrieving rockets


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