URRG May 20 & 21 Launch

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Larry W

URRG Pres & Prefect
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Feb 25, 2012
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Youngstown NY
:)URRG May 20 & 21 Launch Next week end May 20 & 21 are looking like we are headed for another great weekend. I just sent out 34 new membership cards that joined since last launch so everyone should be set. I am heading out Friday mid day to get set up and head to country charm camp ground for the weekend. Greg Elling is this months launch director. Get those rockets prepped for a fun filled weekend.
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Looking forward to it! I'll be on site to fly a rocket or two and hopefully sell some Mach Busters and Simple Circuits! I'll have a nice little kit for people interested in buying everything necessary for an altimeter system (Simple Circuit, battery, switch, wire, terminals, mounting hardware, and printed sled). Just add a Raven or Stratologger!
Today Saturday was a great day weather was sunny and clear. Lots of great flights. We had the 18k waiver the entire day. D McCann and R Barns took lots of pics maybe well see some.