URRG 5/20/2017

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Nice shots as always, Dave.

You didn't miss anything today - a total of three rockets went up due to high winds, and last I saw, Joel was still looking for his in the tree line past the creek... :rolleyes:
Very nice pics, someone put a lot of effort into a paint job, pretty cool looking rocket! BTW did you lose one?

Thanks guys. I believe this one is one of Rich Maus' crash test rockets on a 38mm EX load. Guy knows how to dress up a rocket.

I didn't lose one, so much as had some issues. I had two ematches fail the night before in testing. freaked me out, but i checked resistance on two more and they passed, so I flew them. Should have gone 4 channel/4 match at least. No main deployment. Overall I learned a lot that day, but it was not a happy one for me. luckily, Emerald Dragon only slightly cracked the edges of one fillet. Shouldn't need repair.