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Jan 17, 2009
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I made this for a customer.

6" in diameter Lexan tube with a transition down to an LOL 5.38" main body.

It's next to a BT-50 sized Constellation for refference.


O M G!!

That thing is GIGANTIC! That had to be a PITA to turn, huh? Great job Sand! Do you happen to have a regular Scrambler build to show scale? That would be pretty sweet!


:D :cool:

No I don't have one...sorry.

I do have the transision...I got it in a bunch of stuff i bought on Ebay.

It fits a BT-60 bottom to a CM-8EA clear platic tube that is 1.785" in diam.

OMG sand...that is one HONK'IN nosecone...jeez!!! Get the guy on the forum; I wanna see his build! :)

That thing would hold a good sized cat!

But I don't reccomend it!

an Ostrich egg maybe?:confused:

An ostrich egg might fit, but you better have someone standing by with a BIG mutha frying pan.
You can find all you want about the rocket here:

You can also see some other cool projects and videos on Kurt's site. They flew it for the first time out at LDRS XX a few years back. I had a central M1315 to airstart 4 pairs of motors in the sequence of K1275Rs, K695Rs, J350s and I284s. After a slow boost on the M, the K1275s lit and promptly catoed. The first K1275s <pre-fire> catoed nearly 100% of the time but this wasn't realized till it was too late. The new one works great. Anyways, because of the blown nozzles and asymetrical thrust, the rocket was corkscrewing as it travelled horizontally. THe rest of the motors lit up fine, propelling it even further down range. A high speed ejection shredded two of the three chutes bringing it down quite fast. One fin got cracked as a result. The wasn't too big as probelm as the fins were made removable for transport, etc. You can see this video on the site as well

Nibbles went back to into flight training for a couple years so that he could hopefully get down his mission profile right for the next time. The 2nd flight, well you saw how it went. It had the M1315 to boost it off the pad, then was supposed to light its airstarts imeddiately after M cutoff. The airstarts were two I285Rs, Two J420Rs, then 2 K550Ws, and two K700Ws. The rocket was too slow off the pad for the g-switch in the timer to sense liftoff. It did however sense that jerk when the recovery system deployed and went from there... :kill: What a collosal waste of AP!, but still alot of fun to watch!:D

Nibbles has a new vehicle in the works that is going to be even better than the first. not to mention lighter. A few construction pics are on the site
I just wanted to thank Sandman for making this nosecone for me. I was impressed with how quickly he had it finished and sent back. It really looks great and I should have it finished in a couple weeks and ready for the big one at Three Oaks in April.

Thanks again Sandman!
so what are you putting in there?

nice sn, hockey is awesome!
OK I am impressed.
I have to see this thing.
More incentive for me to make it to Three Oaks.;)
we were at the threeoaks launch , we had our 1.6 scrambler with an egg in the payload ,It flew on an aerotec g80 it was a good flight came down easy with a 42 inch shoot . in 2 weeks we will be at the jackson mich site to possibly fly the 3x scrambler if i get it done . i will try and get some pics on here soon .
on a side note at three oaks this weekend i met tim lehr from als hobbies