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Feb 3, 2009
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A couple years ago, I posted that I was building an upscale Estes Alpha III. Well, I built and have flown my 3X upscale Alpha III, which my son calls the Alpha 4 because he was 4 when we first flew it.

He wanted something a little bigger so I built, and have now flown my 7.75X upscale Estes Alpha III. It is called the Alpha 7 because the son was 7 when we flew it. It made its first flight over Memorial weekend at WAC's Fire In The Sky (FITS) in Mansfield, WA.

A few quick details, 7.75X upscale, central 75mm MMT with 6 38mm MMTs spaced around. First flight was on an AT L850. Flight went to 3500' and recovered nominally.

My son got to push the button which put a BIG ear to ear grin on his face. That is us sitting out in the grass. The controller cable for the far away cell did not qute reach to the LCO desk.

Alpha 7 on the pad small.jpg

Alpha 7 first flight cropped small.jpg
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I could be wrong, but doesn't Estes have that same rocket in their beginner's kits? :rolleyes:

Great looking rocket and great looking pics - thanks for sharing!
Rick Clapp, caught and posted this nice picture with a remote camera he set up near the pad.

Wooo Hoooo!

This made the cover of the last issue of Extreme Rocketry. Now if I can just find a couple copies.
Wow, I tell you - those C6-7's really pack a lot of punch, don't they? :roll:

This rocket (the smaller version) was my very first rocket that I recieved for my birthday on March 13, 1994. I have thought so many times about doing this (or smaller) for my level 2 or 3 cert flight, and now that I have seen your 7.75" version it is a must! I have to hand it to you the rocket looks awesome!! Great Job!!
Wooo Hoooo!

This made the cover of the last issue of Extreme Rocketry. Now if I can just find a couple copies.

Well, my copy of ER just arrived yesterday, and I spent far too much time last night and this morning reading and ooooh'ing and aaaahhhh'ing, especially at the FITS writeup.

So, ya can't have mine! :neener:

Very nice looking rocket, by the way!
Someone mailed me a copy of ER #84. In addition to the cover, the Featured Project is mine as well. The round Mrs. Butterworth's bottle as a nosecone was the wife and sons idea onemorning at breakfast. I just had to figure out how to build it. :confused2:


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