Updated count for 2nd Annual TRF gathering

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On LPRs C engine and below- What kind of fillets are need on the fins?

  • Use large fillets on all fins

  • Use very small fillets

  • No fillets needed

  • Use large fillets on all fins

  • Use very small fillets

  • No fillets needed

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Aug 1, 2001
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We would like to have an updated count on who is coming to the 2nd Annual TRF gathering at Whitakers. I know there was another poll, but this one is a bit different.

If you want to leave a post with additional information, that's cool, too.


We'll be there, we being myself and wife and three kids..

So that's five total for our clan..

My brother will be there also with his wife, and kids... 4 total there...
FlisKits will be there. I'll have Kathy with me. Right now we're scheduled for the Econo but I will look into getting a reservation for the super8 tomorrow and report back.

I will have Marley (dog) with me. We're staying at the Super 8. I just have to call and make the reservation now.
I have reservations at super 8... (well actually at this moment I have reservations at both:D ) I will cancel the other ones today........

T-minus 21 days and counting............
Originally posted by prowlerguy
I will be attending on Sat only, then going home. Should I choose C?

Yeah, choice C will be fine.

Of course, you know that we'll all talk junk about you on Sunday.
Still making plans - will let everyone know as soon as I know what's affordable for me and the parents. :eek:

I'll be attending both days and have reservations at my house.

Paul Hoetjes