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Mar 18, 2009
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I have gone through a great many Aerotech motor files between Thrustcurve, my files on Rocketry Files, Aerotech's documentation, and various cert documents. Cleaned up a bunch of motor files that had missing data, cleaned up some erroneous motor files etc.

The complete files can be had here (username and password both guest)


I also want to thank TRFers blackwing94 and tbonerocketer for pointing out some issues. Blackwing, PM will be inbound to explain somethings you pointed out that you were both right and wrong on (not picking on you-want to fill you in on a couple things).

Many hours spent working on this...
Is there any coordination or notification that happens between TC and OR? Just curious since I know they're cutting a new version.

In any case, thanks once more for all the great work!
Thanks Mark, nice to have all the updates in one place!