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Woody's Workshop

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Aug 3, 2011
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Reed City, Michigan (Lower)
I've been living a primitive type of life and have no choice but to continue to do so.
I live in an abandoned 180 year old square log cabin, no running water and no central heat.
It takes 1/2 my income to heat 3 rooms (small) during winter with space heaters.
There is 3 electrical circuits and a 220 for the range.
My old Ranger finally died, so I have no transportation, relying on others to get to where I need to go.
I'm trying to get things back to normal, but I'm running into a lot of trouble reactivating accounts.
After a year and a half of inactivity, everyone thinks I died or something.
After a looooong ordeal, I finally got a phone with a new number. Send me a PM to get my new number.
Give me time to respond as my keyboard puked and I'm using the on screen keyboard with the mouse.
I still have a lot of rocket kits to sell, and I'm not able to afford engines or able to chase them down any longer.
I also have decided to sell off my knife collection to help getting out of this primitive type life.
So if anyone wants to help by buying kits or knives, send me a PM.
Thank You All Very Kindly for being so kind to me all these years, you are all great people and am proud to be part of this community.
PS I can't access my Email accounts so please don't send me an Email . PM me for my new temp Email.
Fly often and have fun everyone!
Well life sure handed you a bunch of troubles along the way, thanks for keeping us updated with this new thread and maybe some others can get together and get a Go Fund me account for you to help you out.
See if you can get a new list of kits to sell on here.
The Rockets are upstairs in storage.
The steps are real steep.
Last time I went up, I came down hard and tore a tendon in my shoulder.
So I'll have to make arrangements with my brother and/or nephew to bring them down for me.
I know I remember a lot of new Custom Kits. Some real antiques, and a various sort of LP only stuff.
I'll see what I can do this weekend and try and get a list together, and maybe pics if I can find my camera.
The owner of this old log cabin was just here.
He is giving me until June 30th to be out as family want's to move in and make the place livable.
Meaning getting a well in, central heat and clean and seal up the place to make it more livable.
So once again, I'm looking at becoming absent again for some time.
Just one thing after another...
I'm currently taking inventory and list of rockets I have left to sell.
Hopefully there will be some interest. I sure could use the money right now.
Thank You All Very Kindly for your friendships and caring.