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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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I wonder why they call it the "220" swift, does it go 220 miles an hour on a A10-3T?
There is a (relatively) small caliber rifle called the 220 Swift - that's what I immediately thought of and associated the name with.

The 220 Swift rifle shoots a (relatively) small bullet at a (relatively) high muzzle velocity.
I don't have the specs of the 220 Swift rocket to build a model on RockSim to verify, but if I was a betting man I'd say the thing will do *at least* twice your guesstimated velocity of 220 mph.
Boy Scout Troop 341, was very heavily into Model Rocketry, Annually we hosted the Districts, Space exploring Field Day, flying from the Anacostia Naval Air station athletic fields in the shadows of the south capitol street bridge.
One of the hilarious events the scout came up with was "Mosquitos away" the only rule was to paint a "Stock" Estes Mosquito any way you wanted but must fly on an A3-4T or A10-3t.... and be returned. We had scouts with every concievable paint scheme you can imagine, reflective mylars, flourescent paints, strips, swirels, you name it they did it.
We logged over 388 individual mosquito flights over the 3 years we ran this even. By the third year we had never, recovered a single one:D The event was renamed "Mosquitos to the Wind" in year two, All 20 some of my hosting scout switched their paint schemes to camouflage patterns:)
All this to say Yeah, ya might be right about the 220mph:D other scouts called their Mosquitos "NO SEE EM's" the 220 swift looks like it'll be in the same boat, ya might want to fly it on a 1/4A first just so you Might recover it once:D
OR you could make the motor mount switchable with a Micor-Maxx motor mount;)
Here's what I did with two stock mosquito's, adding a rear eject pod and 1/2" x 18" teflon streamer. they are recoverable:D
Y'know - they ought to put a warning on those little dudes. I remember a few years ago, when I was getting back into rockets, I picked up a mosquito thinking my wife could build it and we could go fly together, and she'd see how much fun it would be, and blah blah blah. She had it built in a few minutes, of course - but she must have taken a day or do getting that paintjob just right, and you know the rest. It was like she lost her favorite pair of shoes or somethin'. I felt awful, even though it was like a $2 rocket. She had spent so much time on the darn thing. Luckily it didn't cause her to curse the hobby altogether (lucky for me, anyway). Now she's got a Skywriter she put together, and so far we've been able to see that one for more than .5 seconds after it leaves the pad.
I almost lost a Star Dart 'cause I thought a C6-5 would be a great choice of motors for that little bullet, we just happened to see it on the ground as we were walking back to the car. They just seem to vaporize sometimes.

Here's my 220 Swift in stock paint scheme.
I haven't flown it yet, but I have lots of 1/4 A's waiting, and another 220 Swift waiting to be built. So I'll try to recover it and work up to bigger motors, and if/when I lose it, I'll just build another.
Nice little rocket. I wish they hadn't discontinued the Mosquito though.

Here it is next to my mosquito for comparison.
The Swift has a nice nose cone. It could be used for small patriots, or AMRAAMs. Might have to work on those one day.

Originally posted by Fore Check
I don't have the specs of the 220 Swift rocket to build a model on RockSim to verify, but if I was a betting man I'd say the thing will do *at least* twice your guesstimated velocity of 220 mph.

Actual speed: Warp Eleventy-Seven. :D
err... maybe i have some god given gift but i recovered my misquito plenty of times and the one time i lost it was cause the pad blew over upstate and it shot down a hill...

if u guys want u can send me yours and ill kiss em for good luck :D
I've launched my Mosquito twice ... recovered both times. The second recovery took nearly two weeks but once found it I actually got it back in good enough condition to repair. She'll fly again !!!

I have a 220 Swift in my "to build" box.

Rob your finished Swift looks great !
Aerobee, I hope my swift looks that good when done!-thats actually slim t's.
Micromeister, I like your idea & would definitely want to convert my swift to use micro-max motors-but where would I find a motor mount & centering rings that small? I don't even know where to find the motors.
C-class Mosquito/Quark Spot Landing

Limited to Estes kits, or scratch models with smaller fins.

What do you guys think?
Well, the mosquito swarm has already been done, so maybe a swift swarm?

I think we got the record for something with our swarm last year of 455 mosquitos at once (500 on the pad, but some didn't fire) at Plaster Blaster.

This year it's 100 Estes Comanche's at once, and we're trying to get a M-rated drag race with over 20 participants. Last year 16 were on the rail, but if my memory serves, only 9 flew.

I'll post more details as we get closer...