up all night !

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Dec 30, 2003
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what do you do when you cant sleep ?

make rockets !

i started out with a 24 mm tube 11 inch long
then went to a 18 mm tube 8 inch long.
then stuck a 13 mm tube 18 inch long on it .
still need to shape the nose .
was thinking about making it with a rounded nose or a bullpup looking one.

still looking for a name for this thing .
one more i made tonight
it has a maxTrax nose cone with altitude display on it
it's off my very 1st rocket .
this nose cone spent a month in a tree and been rain on most of that time , but still works.
the nose gose with 2 rockets
1 has a 18 mm motor
1 gots a 24 mm motor.

hope to fly soon. (if it ever stops raining)
Maybe something like "Overtime" or, describing the look, "Lightning Rod."

#1 looks like a que stick to me.I like your bottom fins on 2,hope they stay on when it comes down. maybe we should get this guy some ESPRESSO and stand back!:)
Interesting and unique looking .....

But now the need for a name .....

Something based on "Telescope" , "Telescopic" , "Periscope" ....

Looks like something like that anyway .....

Originally posted by doxiedog315
#1 looks like a que stick to me.

That was my first thought as well. A pool stick. I think it's the unshaped nose cone. Maybe you should leave it that way. ;)

i think i'll call it INSOMNIAC
here it is all pianted all i need to do is make the decals
thank god for Sure Thing Decal Maker.
works killer