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Unopened kits for sale

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Feb 13, 2010
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Hello all, I was quite a regular here a few years ago, but it looks like my account got deleted.

I really hate to do this, but money is really tight, so I am having to sell my collection of kits. Got a wife and 4 hungry canine mouths to feed (one that needs dental surgery) that come before rocketry :confused2:

All unopened and in perfect condition.


SR-71 Blackbird $10
Executioner $30
Outlander $20
X-prize Starchaser Thunderstar $20
X-prize Rubicon $20
Outlander $20
Gemini DC $20
Echostar $20
Star Wars Star Destroyer $15


Triton-X (2) $10 each
Gamma-Ray $5
Icarus $10
Intruder $10

Essence (EAT) Triatomic $15

Or make me an offer. Shipping prices not included. I am in the SouthEast Texas area.
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Added Star Wars Star Destroyer (D-Powered)

See attached pic.

Other pics available on request

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Shipping is not included, but prices are somewhat negotiable. Would be more willing to pay for shipping myself if multiple rockets purchased.

What kind of price will you give me for the whole Lot, shipped.

I am a science teacher trying to introduce my students to model rocketry.


Bill L.
executioner / sr71 and star destroyer received in good condition.. can't wait to build
All rockets sold. Thanks to all who bought them and others for your interest. Hope you put them to great
use and have fun!