Unmasking The Bullet-Shaped Mystery Aircraft

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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Unmasking The Bullet-Shaped Mystery Aircraft After It Reemerges At Victorville
We have the first high-res image of the aircraft, a tail number, and a lot more about its origins.
June 15, 2017



From the patent:

The aircraft has a service ceiling of approximately 65,000 feet, and a normal cruise speed of between approximately 460 to approximately 510 mph, with a specific fuel consumption of approximately 30 to approximately 42 mpg depending on cruise speed and altitude.

The propeller is connected to two engines by a drive shaft extending from the output shaft of a gear box. The engines are liquid-cooled diesel engines driving torque converters connected to the gear box. Multi-stage turbo charging is provided to compensate for altitude and to provide cabin pressurization. Engine heat exchangers, turbo chargers and intercooler heat exchangers are all mounted in ducts con- figured to provide thermal recovery of waste heat for supple- mental propulsion. Engine exhaust is likewise used in the rear of the same duct to provide an injection pump function both for cooling air circulation during low speed operation and to provide additional thrust during flight.