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Jan 7, 2004
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I bought this kit from an at launch vendor. It was in a ziplock bag when I bought it. It came without instructions but it had a picture that looked like it was made on VCP or something similar. The vendor didn't know where he got it. (had it for a while)

It came with a Plastic parachute with DRG rockets on it which is a long gone kit maker from Burnaby BC Canada.

It's a 4 x 13mm cluster. The nose cone was dark blue and very heavy. The kit had huge 3 inch green heavy couplers for the body tube (BT55)

I like it. It hasn't flown yet but it will soon now that I finally painted it.

Does anyone recognize it? Is it a Semroc Kit from way back? Maybe it is in fact a DRG kit.

I little more detail... The bottom section is 4 BT 5 tubes about 10 inches are sticking out the main body tube and the fins are glued between the BT5's

The top section is actually a payload bay. I have no idea why as it's only going to get about 350 feet on 4 A3-4T's and those couplers were heavy. I plan to launch it alot without the payload section.

More pics available as needed.

Nice build! Too bad there doesn't seem to be anymore :(