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Aug 15, 2012
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Univision is, IIRC, a hispanic language television station that is broadcast on our cable network. Whilst flipping through the channels this morning, i caught a 15 - 30 second commercial showing an individual holding a rocket, loading it on to an Estes style pad and then launching said rocket (from real close proximity to the pad) up to an overhead view where the rocket became the Univision logo. No clue on what was being said but, I'm sure it was akin to what CBS, NBC uses for a promo. Could you imagine if we could get NBC, CBS, etc. to do that? The ATF would be squirming in their shorts. ;)
Hhhmmm... Maybe since the Skids are certed that would be a sweet way to

a)get teh ATF scared
b)recruit new rocketeers

Who wants to mail a vid? :p :p ;) :)