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Jun 27, 2004
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Well, there has been a LOT going on with Underdog in the last few weeks...our crayon kits seem to be getting more and more popular, which was a total surprise to us. Kind of hit us like a brick wall...anyway, we have been working almost non-stop on Tom's at Rockethead Rockets and Doug's at Rebar Rocketry. Also, we have now had some international orders!:D Look for a review on the kit with pictures coming out soon!

Also, Underdog Wraith will soon be making an appearance in a certification flight. Details will be posted soon I am sure!

Some new things going on. We had gotten the tubes for our Mach Duster and tested them out and turns out the diameter was just a whee bit small. SO, we have now set those tubes aside for later use...we now will have a NEW Mach Duster. It will be 29mm, and much taller. We are still in the midst of designing and we have been swamped so it may still be a while. Those whom won the drawing for the Mach Duster beta test, we will be contacting you soon!

Also, we have many mid power kits on the board, some of which are scale kits that you will like, I can assure you that!

We are now restocking our Edmonds kits and will now carry the Edmonds Tinee and Giminee! It will not be too long before we carry the whole line!

Also look for engines and chutes coming soon to the site. The chutes will be Rockethead of coarse. He offers nothing but fine quality in all his parachutes and kits! That is why his 30 inch mylar chutes are used in our crayons!

Keep checking back for LOTS of changes on our site. And by all means, try a crayon rocket if you have not yet. I can bet that you will love it! Plus, if nothing else, the money will go to support our TARC team as they go to the finals this year! Thanks!

Congratulations on the successful kits you all have produced thus far! Pretty confident you're gonna make it to the finals, eh? ;) Maybe our teams will meet overthere.
Yeah, we are very confident! Ha. Anyway, yes, I have talked to Trip Barber about us both setting up a vendor tent of some sort. He said he would get back to me about it when the closing deadline came nearer. I really hope we could do something like this together though, it would be fun!
I have been working with both teams and been giving them support on my web site. If you have not tried either one of there products you should. These both are working very hard to get money raised for their TARC rockets. They work all the time they can on their business and this is after they go to school and do home work. So if you want to try some great Rocket kits go to www.underdogrockets.com and give them a try. If you need some custom centering rings. fins or even Vinyl decals go to www.rocketguts.com I have order from both of them and will be doning allot of business with them in the future and you can not beat the customer service that they both give you.