Underdog Crayon Rocket available for pre order at Rockethead Rockets

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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Rockethead Rockets is now taking pre orders for the Underdog Rockets Crayon Rockets. The shipping date of these rockets will be November 12th. These are a great 29mm rocket that is 4" in diameter. These come with Nylon shock cord that is attached to the motor mout with a U bolt and the nose cone with a eye bolt. The rocket includes a 30" Mylar parachute and plywood centering rings. The kits also has clear Lexan fins so from a distance the crayon looks like it is flying with out the fins.

You can order this rocket direct from Underdog Rockets at www.underdogrockets.com


You can order it from us along with a Art Applewhite kit or a Squirrel Works kit or a Rockethead Kit and Parachutes and save on shipping at www.rocketheadrockets.com

Keep looking at our web site and here for update as we will be getting a couple Rocketpad Kits in and we have some other manufacturers we working with to add their line of products.
You know,
I think that these will probably be ready before the 12th. All we are waiting on is some motor tubing.