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Jan 21, 2009
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... unbelieveable perhaps, but true ... there are some underappreciated Fliskits designs.

Drake was one I passed over because the web drawing didn't do it for me. Well, we saw one at a recent launch, and me and the kids looked at each other and said "WOW" at the same time, so ran over to the vendors to buy one.

Finally put it together a couple weeks ago. clear instructions, very easy, fun to build. Flew it Saturday on a D12-5. Perfect straight up flight, despite the 7 knot breeze. nice gentle whistle going up. at apogee it slowed down, leveled out, pointed in to the wind, and just floated for a second before ejecting. neat!!

I am not sure how to improve the drawings on the card, the angles are such that it just looks weird in 2-D... photos don't do it right either.

I wonder what other treasures are out there waiting for me to learn to appreciate them?

(we bought a Stingray at the same time. Same story - the pictures just didn't do it for me but seeing the real thing really turned the lights on... haven't built it yet.)


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Jan 17, 2009
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well, what a wonderful way to wake up and enter the forum :) THank you!

One of the problems with the images on the web site is that the graphics and even the photos give the models *no* depth. I *think* one possible solution is to have them all photo graphed while someone is holding them. Then you'd get a sense of scale as well as some additional depth to the image.

I *love* the Drake and the way it looks in the air!


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Jan 19, 2009
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I was lucky enough to be able to visulise the Drake, when it first appeared on the cover of the Fliskits catalogue as a 'comming soon' item.

I ordered mine as soon as it was released. I had great fun building it, more fun painting it, but the most fun was flying it. She was my first D fight. I find that she does go ALOT higher than you would expect on a D, and she does drift a little, so I save her for larger field launches. I'm hopeing to be taking her to IRW (International Rocket Week) in Scotland next week.

My EMRR review is here, with some pictures.

......Farscape next ;)