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Jun 30, 2010
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Well this thread will show the build ect of my 2nd ever 2stage rocket.
Shes based on a 2" dia tube , with a mmt of 24mm to 24mm. Using Airfoiled 'THOR ' style fins. Attached is a scanned picture that I made whilst in a Electronic lesson earlier today. This is the first desin that I came up with. Some slight changed to be made.
Rough blue print eh? heh nice. I like the design and the two sets of fins. Thought of any paint schemes yet?

Hey, isn't that the rocket from The Handbood of Model Rocketry?

Looks good!

That would be a neat thread--show us your rough sketches and then the model they turned into! Nick ought to make that a Descon requirement...

I was thinking of a complete red metalic paint job with chrome or silver flames/stripes.

Well If it's the rocket from the Handbook Of Model Rocketry , It's a coincidence because I dont own a copy :( Yet ;)

There will be a few more 'scan in's' of different designs I come up with . Im lucky I found this tube , A nice 1mm wall & a good legnth :D I've cut the booster off & made a coupler. Now all she needs is a nosecone , fins & motor config.

Heres the design I was going to copy. It was my first ever attempt at making a 2stage rocket. She flew on a D12-0 to D12-7 in January. Booster fell away and the sustainer lit perfectley. She drifted just out of the launch field using a streamer and just could not be found . She was a BT-60 rocket with a Patriot style nosecone. Painted in Plastikote Copper & Custom decals made by moi :)

She was over 6ft long IIRC.

The distance that the cracked/burning propellent would have had to travel out of the booster to sustainer. It was my first attempt at gap staging also.
Another view of the engine tubes. She would of got wayyyy UP there on a E in the sustainer!!