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Jan 30, 2009
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Der Red Max, Big Der Red Max, GOONY Red Max!!!....all are cool.... but there's a NEW BAD BOY in town!!!!:D I give you DER RED MAX TRES!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
Fred does some great work, eh?

I thought you'd "beat me to the punch" on something here. But, no. ;)

Great looking Tres, though!

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!! :D
Family portrait... with little brother.... or is it little BIG brother!!!:confused: :confused: I guess next project is GOONY MAX/ACME SPITFIRE???:D
Keep this mess up, and your going to force me to come across the border. :D

Originally posted by billEblurzz
Family portrait... with little brother.... or is it little BIG brother!!!:confused: :confused: I guess next project is GOONY MAX/ACME SPITFIRE???:D


SpitFire GoonyMax ... that is great!!!!!

I gotta copy you on my Tres!!! Sorry, couldnt help myself....

It's funny to me how many Fliskits rockets have that "open canvas" appeal which lend themselves to being modded or painted nicely. It's not that the original schemes are unbearable or unoriginal, but I definitely think there's something about Fliskits that truly "captured" the imagination of many rocketeers.

Bill, you've certainly upped the antie for kit-bash/paint-bash silliness. Great work. Your Tres is truly "renegade."

Alright...here's a challenge. Take a Saturn V and make it look like a Red Max. :D Ok, that's blasphemy. :eek: I certainly think there's someone out there crazy enough to do it!!!
Originally posted by billEblurzz
Hey Slim-, bring it onnnn!!! Neighbor!....what ya gonna do?....lob some PAPER rockets over here? HUH!! HUH!!!;) ;)

Now you've gone and done it, Paper Red Max anyone?
Didn't someone already do a Der Midnaught Express, or something like that?

Hey Mr. Blurzz, don't forget my Whiffle Missile. ;)
It's not made of paper, but I still wouldn't put it up against the Ultimate Der Red Max. That thing just looks mean.

...with Der Midnacht Express! Thanks for remembering! :)

It's not so much a perfect reproduction as "in the spirit of" homage.
Yeah, that's it.
Thanks for posting.
Would you mind emailing the pattern?

Slim-Tim, that whiffle missile is nice! WRONG TEAM though, since I lived outside of BOSTON many, many years ago.:mad: Yea, OK-OKIE said if you can't come up with a paint scheme...just RED MAX IT! If you come over here, I have the vehicle to pick you up at the state line....just had to get ASTRON-BOY to send more graphics since I have run out! In the mean time, JB (or is it Mac) changed out the front wheels to high-speed rims and is waiting on wheels for the rear. Here is MAD MAX DER RED ROAD-MAX!!! JB insisted on installing MORE SAFTEY-EQUIPMENT (the ONLY way he will come near the BAMA state line) such as seat-belts, air-bags,....CRUISE-MISSILES????:eek: :eek:
The Red Sox are on one of the other fins. :)
So are the White Sox, Dodgers, and Mets.
It has 3 fins, so I just went with 6 of the older well known teams.

I was wondering how progress was going on the truck. I figured you had fired J.B. and the boys or something.
Before I come over, I'll have to whip up something with wheels myself, so we can have a little drag race. I'll have to do some brainstorming.

(and since I said that, I'll leave it up Y'ALL to come up with jokes about the Alabama boy brainstorming. ;) :) :D .)

Oh, where did you get those other Micro models? The Sandhawk and the other one. Are those from Pratt Hobbies?

They look great.

Originally posted by n3tjm
Wow! I love it! I am surprised Jim did not make any comments here yet ;).

I didn't comment here because I didn't know the thread was here... :eek:

been so busy I have to really pick and choose what I read and what I pass on and by the title, this just looked like another Der Red Max thread... **sorry** :)


It would be great to get all of the FlisKits kits painted Der Red Max style together for a group launch! (NSL?? NARAM??? Whitakers???)

You did an incredible job! Could you send me a high resolution picture of that for our site???

And, as for paper rockets, let's not forget "CAUTION: Der Red Max Launch In Progress".... :D :D :D

A Der Red Pheord would be a laugh too! :D The Pheord artwork is silly enough, as it stands, but a 'Der' makeover would be highly amusing. :D

I just wish I had the artistic talants to do the artwork. :(
Jim, Jim, Jim....PASS on a DER RED MAX thread....on THIS forum???:eek: :eek: WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!! MICROMISTER, ASTRONBOY,OK OKIE TURBO,.... WHAT do we DO with this guy???:confused: boycott FLISKITS???? ;) NO....WAIT!!!! I haven't got my PREATOR.....or my SPITFIRE....or my CORONA....or next week I have 27 KIDS to try and build LAUNCH IN PROGRESS rockets with....YET!!!! As GILDA RADNER used to say,"NEVER MIND!!!";)