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Dec 5, 2003
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Ok so do any of us brits think it would be a good idea to have our own meet?
If so where and when, ideas welcomed as I would like to try and arrange this.
Of course our yank friends would be welcome if they are over here.
Let me know what you think.

I've been mulling this over since it was first mooted in the USA TRF meet thread. It might be a good idea to do it at a big UKRA/national meet like K-Lob. I've never been to a proper organised launch, so I don't know exactly how they operate, but we could posibly organise some sort of display to premote TRF.

Myself, WiK & arthur_dent were chatting about this in the chat room, earlier, but I had to go out & didn't see how it progressed.
LoL David beat me to starting a thread then.

You didnt miss much after you left Cydermaster, Arthur_Dent left about two minutes after you!

Well lets review our options:
  • K-Lob and UKRA 2004: Held on Pete (Of Pete's Rocketry)'s farm. In a place called Heckington, Lincolnshire. This year UKRA 2004 is 4th-6th of June and K-Lob is 25th-26th of September. They are directly orgainised by the UKRA and fly A-M motors and have a standard event ceiling of 10,000ft which you can break with prior permission.
  • BigEARS: Orgainised by the East Anglian Rocket Society (EARS). Takes place over the May Bank Holiday weekend (Sat 1st, Sun 2nd) and flies A-M motors. Launch site is a 1,600 acre farm in Elsworth, 20mins west of Cambridge.
  • IRW2004: International Rocket Week, the biggest rocket launch in the UK. Held up in Largs, Scotland. Flights for low power motors during the week, and HPR at the weekend at a different site. This year it is the week Monday 23rd August - Monday 30th August. I'm going, but only because my Dad wanted a holiday in scotland

More information can be found on the Events page at the UKRA website Events.

Breifing Over. :p


Sorry guys, Just seen this tread after I posted my own re the UK meets... :eek:

How about suggesting the Canterbury Cup meet to combine with the TRF meet? It's closer to London (airports) and there are both sports, HPR and various competitions.

Not sure of dates yet but (hope) the venue is to be Basingstoke, will find out and get back soonest.

Yep im defo up for a uk trf gathering.Not only would it be a great opportunity to put some names to faces but it would be a great chance to promote the TRF.Lets face it there should be more brits on worlds premier rocketry forum....:D :cool:
Canterbury Cup sounds good to me, most of the UK TRFers are down south so we'd probably get more people being able to make it.
when and where and what is the canterbury cup,i think i've seen it on rocket and things???
Canterbury Cup used to be in the South East (Canterbury?) but they can't use that field this year so it's moving. I think they're looking at holding it in Basingstoke this year and have a willing landowner. Basingstoke is in Northern Hampshire.

John, if UK TRF does go there I hope you'll think it will be worth the drive.
Oooh thats pretty close to me :)

I can be at any of the big launches this year.

Originally posted by Mike

John, if UK TRF does go there I hope you'll think it will be worth the drive. [/B]


Only 1 question ..Where's Basingstoke???????:D
Also John, if you have Autoroute express or something like that you could use it. Or if you like I could get you a route plan with directions and a map if you tell me where abouts you are :)

"Well Basingstoke is kinda underneath London. That is my very simple geographical understanding of it"


Try down the M3, towards Southampton... follow the smoke trails on the day!


If you tilt your head to the side then Basingstoke is beneath London!
If you go to the AA website there is a facility for planning your route.
It gives you a corner by corner way to go, but dont know about new one way or road closures.
I fing it helpful it even gives you the exact mileage.

Cheers all:D ..follow the smoke trails,thats the best directions for any launch site.:D
An update for the Canterbury Cup just popped into my inbox, by the sound (or lack of any mention) it might not be held at Basingstoke. The most likley looking site is Rye Marshes which is a CROCK launch site so out in South East England I guess.
Originally posted by DavRedf
If you go to the AA website there is a facility for planning your route.


OMG...that was FUNNY! See, on our side of the pond, chaps, ;), AA usually is the abbreviation for Alchoholics Anonymous, or the help group for alchoholics.

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Guys, our cousins are on to us!!!:eek:

CHERRY LIMEADE? Yerk! Jase, have YOU got a problem? :p

LOL you have your 'AAA' over there... We have the AA :p
Reminds me of that bit on the simpsons: Barney and Homer walk into a AAA building. "Hello, My name is Barney and Im an alcoholic" And the guy in there is like, "Thats good pally, but you want the AA, this is AAA. "Oooh. Hello, my name is Homer, and im planning a road trip to St Louis..."

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You got it all wrong. It's not an alchoholic drink at all. It's made from Sprite, Cherries, and limes! It's a drink offered by one of our fast-food joints, Sonic. Here's the recipe if you wanna make your own.

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...and bring some of that Marichino Cherry Juice - can't find it ANYWHERE here...

Seriously, are there any non- Brit TFR's thinking of coming over here for one of OUR launches?


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