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Unless the weather is looking rubbish I should be there camping for the weekend. Should be an interesting launch.

looking forward to seeing you, i hope to get there saturday night to camp, but failing that i'll get there for Sunday, weather permitting.
i sohould be getting there sometime saturday afternoon, and hopefully gaining my level one with a PML phobos.
the weather looks as if it might be against me, bit of wind and some rain:(
it was a good weekend, saturday had good weather, and i got to fly a few, including my certification flight and a video camera strapped to a glider.
sunday was wet and windy, but still got a few up. The Twycross 2 site is really good, and it looks as if this might become an annual event.
Wanted to go, but it was 1 week after ALRS in Switzerland (where I got sunburned!), and I had already swapped work schedules about :(
If it does become annual event, I hope they try not to clash. That way I (and the Dutch guys) might be able to do both events like the old days :)

Not seen many pics yet.
i think someone from MR is planning to put some on the MR website, 1 know steve took a video of my L1, so i hope that makes it on. i stupidly forgot to give him my email address.

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