Ubuntu users - 9.04 beta - Did you get it?

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Jan 18, 2009
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Whopeeeeeeeee! Ubuntu 9.04 coming in 23 days!
Did someone get the beta version? If so, post impressions here!
Still running Intrepid at home. It works great. What's new with Jaunty that's got you excited about it's release?
Since my recent upgrade a few weeks ago, I now have spare box that I've been wanting to put Ubuntu on. I've tried a much older version on a computer in the basement that rarely gets used, but was really impressed with the distro. Should I wait for the new version before doing the install?
I had 9.04 Alpha 1 installed for a while because there was a bug in the stable 8.10 Nvidia driver with Compiz. I haven't updated it, though, and I think it is still installed on my old hard drive, so I will have to reinstall if I want to get the final 9.04.

Hopefully I can get my laptop to boot 9.04 off my external drive with eSATA so I don't have to mess up the partitioning on my internal drive (plus, I'm out of space).