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Jerry Irvine

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Jul 3, 2010
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Jerry Irvine:

Previously TRA/NAR certified. ATF exempt (and we live the lifestyle). Competent Authority TESTED and approved.


Just so you are clear, unless you fly at a launch field/event that is NOT affiliated with NAR or TRA, you cannot use USR Rocket Motors.
I'm not saying anything to discourage their use but you must know the rules when it comes to affiliated launches. Personally, I'd love to fly some USR Motors but I don't have a launch field that I could fly them from.


I agree the video was worth the download

What are your favorite motors?

Remember ALL SU are EXEMPT (even according to NAR/TRA), and ALL motors are exempt according to the one and only supplier you will ever need.



Just Jerry
To clarify, all SU motors are exempt from ATFE interference. However, USR motors are still not allowed at NAR or Tripoli launches.

If your group is not affiliated with either NAR or Tripoli, you should be fine.
Yea the Firestarters look cool. And the Buttkicker would be nice to get high avg impulses.
Are these legal to ship?

Am I correct in thinking that they would be ok to use at an EX launch?
Originally posted by Blue_Ninja_150
Are these legal to ship?

Am I correct in thinking that they would be ok to use at an EX launch?


You have to MAKE YOUR OWN MOTOR to fly it at an EX launch.

You can not just buy a motor and fly it. Unaffiliated launches are different.

Also of note:

Federal law states the to sell motors in commerce the manufacturer needs to posess an LEMP.

To my knowledge it is illegal to ship these motors without correct paperwork, but don't quote me on that.

Also, AlexNumb is correct, it has to be a motor of your own design, unless the creator is present and it is a team project.
The topic was "What are your favorite motors?". The status of USR motors has been mentioned regarding flying them at affiliated launches. Nuff said! Stay on topic!
My favorite would be, the same as was mentioned in the what are your favorite motors thread in propulsion a while back...

1.) AT White Lightening

2.) AT Redline
My favorite one doesn't have to do with flying characteristics. I love colors and effects. So, Green Gorilla and any kind of skidmark makes my list.
I've only used Estes motors for LPR, Aerotech SU White Lightning for MPR, & Pro38 2-, 3-, 4-, & 5-grain motors for HPR. All of my choices have been based on convenience & ease of use. All certainly work as designed (except for an AT G35 that came from one of the recent faulty batches). And I've been to enough launches to have seen all the Aerotech propellant variants, which each have their own cool factor. I would say the same thing about AMW's motors, which I've seen the Super Tiger & Green Gorilla propellants. I just haven't made the financial investment in either of these manufacturer's RMS systems...but I certainly want to.
After attending an EX launch late last year, I could see myself somewhere down the road I'd be interested in making my own propellant...but there is *plenty* I can see myself getting interested in before I turn my attention that way.

I would certainly entertain the idea of buying another commercial RMS system/reloads/SU motors as long as they've been certified...only because all of the launches I have flown at are NAR/TRA sanctioned events (or whatever the proper word is). Aside from that, my motor "wish list" consists of a system that's easy to prep like Pro38 but have the various propellant choices & less expensive cost of AT...

Oh yeah...almost forgot. I've only seen pictures & videos of skidmark motors--I really want to see one in person!!
Mr. Irvine points out that USR motors were "previously TRA/NAR certified", and this seems to be reinforced by Mr. Browns' quote.

So what gives? Why not get certified?

I myself have just entered the reload arena but nevertheless very much enjoy 18 and 24 mm SU BP motors.
Originally posted by Stewart32
So what gives? Why not get certified?

Beware of this question. There are many reasons why motors are decertified. Sometimes its quality, sometimes its expiration. So, the "why" is a very valid question. However, this question can spawn into a political discussion of TRA's business practices that can be akin to WWIII. So, whoever decides to answer this question, please stick to the question and not stray into political discussions...

Just doing my mod job... :)
Keep on top of this moderators, I don't think this can be separated from rmr-style 'politics'.
Not to fret Dick...it will not happen here nor be tolerated...

Thanks bro,

On the lighter side....I like White Lightnings as my favorite...brings back the ole Launch days when I was young. I also like the Skids for their effects and will buy one this year. The SuperTigers are just plane awesome in the power category and win hands down.

Back on topic....:)

My first response to Jerry was based on his propellants that were in the promo video. As for other propellants, I enjoy having a selection of various types. In the AT world, I've liked the FWL, BJ, and Redlines the most.
My favorite motors would be the whole PRO38 series. The I285 is my favorite out of the lot, that motor just ROCKS. I also love the AT 29mm 40/120 casing and any motor that fits in it this is by far the most verstile case I have used. For low power I fly a Quest engines, I think that they have better tracking smoke.

My latest favorite is the F25W. For something that size, you get a lot of noise and a nice, satisfying flame.
I haven't experienced alot of the motors out there and most of them are G and under. WL are my favorite and, as Kermie stated "For something that size, you get a lot of noise and a nice, satisfying flame."
I'll be putting up my upscale Phoenix on a G80 tomorrow (if everything pans out) which will be my 1st blue thunder load. "Controlled explosion" is how I've seen it described. ;)
You can have a favorite....?



How about anything that causes something I built to leap like a scalded weasel straight up. The higher and faster the better.


Ellis I69 - A needlessly poweful 29mm

Right behind that the Ellis H50 (My L1 Motor)

And then

AT G80W -> AT H165R

And my fantasy motor - the Green Gorilla (haven't flown one....but will)
One word --> Moonburners!
I'd love to get my hands on some really long burn motors.

Next in line are sparky motors followed by smoky motors if performance is not the issue.

I really like the long burn motors though. I hope to do my CAR L4 cert. flight on a long burn M motor some day. (Maybe LDRS 24?)

Len Bryan

I have only flown one "moonburner"and...well...I guess I was sorta dissapointed.

It was a G25-15 (I think) put it in a minimum diameter rocket (a BT-56) and only got to see about 2 seconds of burn...it was gone...

Just a tiny flame that burned and burned and burned...then an extreamly long 15 sec. delay...then a teeny tiny itsy bitsy red cloud. (about a third of a bottle of red chalk).

That baby was waaaaaaaay up there...

Never did find it, even with a 15' streamer.

It was cool!