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Hangar 11

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Apr 24, 2009
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At a recent Christmas in July visit to one of my distributors, I ran across a stash of U.S. Rocket Kits. As many of us know U.S. Rockets has effectively been extinct for quite a while now. My sales rep made me an offer I could not refuse.

These kits are all in original unopened packaging, Featuring Balsa Nose cones and heavy wall kraft airframes.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping is $5.00 to CONUS. Other destinations pay actual shipping less a $5.00 credit. Same day shipping for all orders rec'd by 2:00 PM.

NOTE: Some of the tubes are showing a bit of "yellowing" from the UV lights in the warehouse.

US Rockets Aero-Roc Model Rocket Kit 35" Length [ Skill Level 2 ] OOP $39.95
US Rockets Aero-Roc 3 Model Rocket Kit 44" Length [Skill Level 3 ] OOP $39.95
US Rockets All Weather Model Rocket Kit 24" Length [Skill Level 1 ] OOP $29.95
US Rockets Piston Stager Model Rocket Kit 74" Length [Skill Level 4 ] OOP $49.95
US Rockets Sonic 2200 Model Rocket Kit 51" Length [Skill Level 4 ] OOP $49.95
US Rockets AR2B Model Rocket Kit 51" Length [Skill Level 4 ] OOP $49.95

Please email orders to [email protected] or call 845-926-1959
Mastercard, Visa, Discover and PAYPAL accepted.