Two shock cords..different lengths.

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May 29, 2009
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Hello all, noobie here.
I recently purchased a kit that contains two different lengths of shock cord. The directions don't say which one is the drogue line and which is the main line. I looked up pictures on the net of people building theirs; I found two different people both putting the different lengths in a different location. Thanks!
Just like the two people that put the cords in different places, you're going to get different opinions here too.

I say put the long one on the drogue and the shorter one on the main.
The kit is Giant Leap's Escape Velocity. I figured I would be putting the long cord on the drogue but I didn't know if there was benefits of doing it the other way around.
Yes...put the longer cord on the drogue side.

For my D/D rockets, depending on the size of the rocket and the available space, my drogue and main cords are, at minimum, equal lengths, of at least 20'. But, I prefer a longer drogue cord than main.