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Two Perfectflite CF's

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Jan 23, 2009
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I have a couple CF's that I don't need. One is a standard version and the other has the extra Audio/LED Connector. The standard one has had the terminal blocks ground down some in order to fit inside of a 29mm tube. The standard version is obviously used and the audio connector one is like new.

The standard one retails for $54.95 and sells on their direct page for $49.46, while the one with the audio connector is $56.96 or $51.46 on their direct site.

I'd like to get $38 shipped for the standard SLCF with ground terminals and $50 shipped for the one with the audio connector. Both come with 4-40 mounting hardware (1" screws, nuts, and nylon standoffs). Buy both for $85 shipped.

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