Two new Micro's: A.S.P. Corporal 106th Scale & T3 Skyhook Downscale.

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Jan 18, 2009
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Didn't do build photos on either of these two models.

MM 424 is a Aeropace Specialty Products (A.S.P.) 1: 106th Scale model of the US Army Corporal tactical Missile. I purchased just about all ASP's Micro Scale model kits in 2003.. hung them on a cup hook in the shop and promptly forgot about them. Over the Holiday's while cleaning my work bench a couple of these came into view. In January the Corporal came together very quickly. so quickly I didn't even take a single build picture....Sorry; it was a very easy build. My only modifications were as usual chucking the supplied mylar streamer and WAY to Short shockline for 42" of 50lb Stainless steel reinforced Kevlar shockline and a 3/8" x 9" Orange Teflon tape Wadding/Streamer. The other mod was to replace the styrene tube Launch Lug and standoff piece with two much smaller 1/32" and 1/16" pieces of Fliskits Micro Launch Lug.

MM 425: Is a scratch built 2.2x down Scale of the 1963 released Estes Skyhook. it's probably the 3rd model rocket I ever built back in the day and the first Estes kit. (I preferred Centuri kits back then). It's just another of those OLD "back in the day" models I wanted to add to the Micro Fleet.

Photos of the completed models below without the usual mosquito for scale. I'll try to remember to get these two down in the Mod-Roc dungeon for proper photos a bit later:)

MM 424_Corporal (US Army Tactical Missile) (106 Scale)(ASP)_01-20-2017.jpg

MM 425_T3 SkyHook DownScale_02-02-2017.jpg
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Got out to fly some Micro's last Saturday: What a super flying day. a bit breezy but temps in the mid 60degrees with bright sunshine it was a blessing.
Also have the updated static photos with the Mosquito's. Sorry I missed the Corporal Liftoff, Man that little rocket is Quicker then expected.

MM 424a1_MM Corporal USArmy Missile(ASP 106 Scale)_01-20-17.jpg

MM 424Lp01a_USArmy Corporal Missile OnPad 1stFlt(ASP)_02-18-17.jpg

MM 425a1_T3 SkyHook DownScale(1963)_02-02-17.jpg

MM 425Lp01a_T3 SkyHook OnPad 1stFlt_02-18-17.jpg

MM 425Lp01b_T3 SkyHook CountDown 1stFlt_02-18-17.jpg

MM 425Lp01c_T3 SkyHook 1stFlt Clears Rod_02-18-17.jpg