Two Fat Boys

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Mar 14, 2004
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So maybe this is the ugliest Fat Boy you've ever seen.....

Great job! I love it!

AWESOME paint job! That is WAY cool! For a minute I thought it was a shark scheme. Haha...that was funny to see a rocket that resembles a pet. Nice work. Way to break up the usual 3-fin design with a paint job!
Originally posted by shinbone
Maybe you should dub it the "Cat Boy."

I'd already been calling the carbon based unit Fat Boy for some time, for reasons obvious from the picture.

Spork (his real name) has always been an extremely bright cat. He taught me to flush the toilet for him so he could watch it, and the same with the outside pump. When I showed him this, he wasn't really pleased (as you can tell from the pic), but he obviously knew what it was supposed to be.

Before this, he completely ignored my rocket stuff. Since this, every night before bed he pokes around in my rocket stuff in the basement, especially if anything new shows up or if anything is moved. Last night he climbed up on the counter where I was sanding a fin, sat on my arm while I worked, watching me work and occasionally banging his head against me (he never learned that head rubbing stuff very well).

Launches, though, are out of the question. The noise would definitely freak him out.